What a Man Wants (2018)

Director:Byeong-heon Lee
Writer:Byeong-heon Lee
Stars:Sung-min Lee, Ha-kyun Shin, Ji-Hyo Song, El Lee
Country:South Korea
Date:05 Apr 2018
Runtime:100 min
Seok-geun, an ex-rollercoaster-designer-turned-taxi-driver, loves his wife, Dam-deok. What he also loves is playing with fire on secret nights out. But Dam-deok’s sudden death leaves Seok-geun miserable and heartbroken. Bong-soo is the boring and prude husband of Seok-geun’s sister, Mi-young. His Italian restaurant business looks lackluster, and so is his marriage, until he meets Jenny, who later gets a job at Bong-soo’s restaurant. Fond of Jenny’s personality and good humor, Mi-young decides to hire Jenny as a housekeeper for her brother, Seok-geun, to keep him company. Will these four people be able to get along with one another?

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